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In 2005 we began a research of an innovative combustion system of biomass, to use as alternative to the traditional fuels.

We worked so on the project, manufacture, test, patent of a combustion system with advanced characteristics, and we started with the corn grains as biomass.

The choice of the corn grains as biofuel were certainly stimulating, as corn presents many problems, at least for the combustion of big quantities. In fact one thing is to burn some corn kg. in a stove, another thing is to burn many corn tons with high efficiency and low residues.

Then we focused our efforts to burn biomass cheaper and suitable to be burned in our combustor.

Until now, we burned corn and barley grains, wood pellets, palm kernel shells, rice hulls, without difficulty.

It is clear that the best result will be achieved by burning seconds or byproducts at low or zero cost, or better with savings of the disposal cost. We are available to test our system and to study special solutions, for the production of thermal or electrical energy.