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In 2005, in collaboration with D.E.I.A.F.A. = Department of Economy and Agricultural Forestry and Ambient Engineering of Torino University, we planned, manufactured, tested, and patented "ENERGYMAIS", cyclonic burner of powdered corn grains, applied to a dryer for rice.

The technical principle of the powdered combustion, is well known and applied to the coal combustion. The coal was usually loaded into the traditional furnaces in coarse side, and it is clear that to burn completely it is necessary a long time in the furnace. A substantial improvement of the combustion was obtained in the dust burners, where the coal is grinded into powder and injected into the combustion chamber, where it burns instantly and with high efficiency, leaving residues (flying and bottom ashes) in very low quantity.

So we applied this principle to the combustion of the biomasses, beginning with the corn grains milled in powder and injected into a combustion chamber specifically designed, where it burns about completely leaving very low bottom ashes, less than 2%, and flying ashes practically negligible.

From 2006 to 2009 we ameliorate the combustion, the ashes recovery, and manufactured 3 combustors "ENERGYMAIS" 700.000 kCal applied to recycle cereal dryers CO.M.I.GE. - PAVESI for rice in Pavia (photo) and Vercelli, where we burn corn grains.

In 2010 we manufactured the combustor "ENERGYMAIS" 1.200.000 kCal applied to a continuous dryer GIFIM VAZZOLER for corn in Mantova (foto) where we burn the seconds produced by the drying process.

In 2012 we manufactured 2 combustors "ENERGYMAIS" 1.600.000 kCal applied to a continuous dryer CIMBRIA for barley at the Drying Centre Highland Grain Ltd. in Inverness - Scotland (foto) and to a continuous dryer AGRIMEC for corn in Papa - Hungary (photo) where we burn the seconds produced by the drying process.

In 2013 we manufactured the combustor "ENERGYMAIS" 1.000.000 kCal applied to a recycle dryer CO.M.I.GE. - PAVESI for rice at the Drying Centre Nagykun 2000 in Kisujszallas - Hungary where we burn the seconds produced by the whitening rice process.

In 2014 we manufactured the combustor "ENERGYMAIS" 2.000.000 kCal applied to a continuous dryer RAVARO for corn in Pavia (photo) where we burn the seconds from the drying process.